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Work Trip To: PARIS, France


“There’s no such thing as “the most beautiful sight of Paris.  ALL of Paris is gorgeous!”


Halloween and trick-or-treating aren’t exactly the type of celebrations you’re used to seeing in Paris. Paris has always been the city of light, the city of love and of course, wine and dine that makes you drool. Feeling spooky in Paris? Why not; it surely has its charm, as our colleagues say.

Ana and Aneta work as client support executives for one of our clients, which is a major company offering data-driven marketing and loyalty programs to shopping centers and restaurants around the world. They travel often, and last week they were in Paris for a regular check-up of the company’s technical equipment and other preparations right before the major shopping season in the village of La Vallee begins – Christmas shopping!

We were especially curious to hear how Paris looks like in this time of the year, right between Halloween and Christmas, so we asked them to share their experience with us.
work trip Paris

Tell us something more about this work trip to Paris?

Aneta: As client support executives, we go for regular check-ups of the equipment that our client works  with. Since this equipment is used in shopping malls and restaurants, it’s important for us as support team to be prepared to respond to the workload in a fast and effective manner, especially when major shopping seasons start.

How was this trip organized for you?

Ana: The managers always welcome us warmly in the place we’re visiting. We join the offices there and it’s like a regular day at work, just in a different office. Once work is done for the day, we get some free time for sight-seeing and enjoying.

Give us a brief explanation of a work day in Paris.

Aneta: Since our client works with shopping malls and restaurants, these trips are organized for us as a support team to visit the stores we work with. So basically, our days during a work trip consist of visiting all those stores, and discussing with their managers about the effectiveness of the program, innovative ways of implementation and promotion of it and of course, checking the condition of their equipment. We have brief meetings with every one of them, discuss any issues they may be experiencing and suggest workable solutions. If we can’t offer a solution at the moment, we take detailed notes and discuss the problem with our London office afterwards.

Paris is a big city. Besides the famous monuments which astound undoubtedly everyone who visits the city of light, what else caught your attention on this trip?

Ana and Aneta: Everything! We’re in love with Paris. Regardless how many times we visit it, there’s always something that will catch your breath.

Ana: Paris is always a good idea, as the famous saying goes. The La Vallee village, were we were staying, is very close to Disneyland, which was all screaming the Halloween spirit. Floods of people masked with witch hats, head horns and other accessories were heading to the land of fun and joy daily.

Aneta: Yes, we could’ve really see a lot of people from every part of the world celebrating Halloween. And since Christmas is right around the corner, all stores and shopping centers were getting ready to spread the spirit. It was all very beautiful.

Tell us your view on what makes Paris a magical destination, even when it’s a work trip?

Ana: Um, I’ll just put it like this: as soon as we landed in the airport, we took the train that heads right to Champs Elysee to capture that right-before-night-fall moment when everything in the city center is lighten up. We completely ignored the jet lag from the not so pleasant flight. It’s just insane to waste time when in Paris, even when you have to get up early in the morning and show up to work.

Aneta: The Eiffel Tower has and always will be a huge part of Paris’s magic. It’s magnificent, and despite the cliché attribute many people give it, when you stand on the Trocadero Square and look at it especially at night, you understand why it’s so astonishing and amazing.  And there are of course, LaDuree’s Macaroons!


For the gourmets out there, what is a must-try in Paris?

Ana and Aneta: The Duck! The French duck is a specialty, and it’s one of the most delicious dishes ever, especially when accompanied with French Bordeaux wine, another specialty of France. Add to all this the beauty of traditional interior in Parisian restaurants, excellent service and ambiance and there you have it – French romance with wine and dine.