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Virtual Employees: Shaping the Future Business Landscape

The modern business workplace looks a lot like this: you’re strategizing in your headquarters in London, while your web development team is working on your website in Macedonia, and your sales team in Italy is always competing with the one in France while your digital marketing is done in California. With this being the reality of a large and constantly increasing number of businesses, we can safely say that we live in the era of geographically dispersed teams with the virtual employee dominating in the center of it.

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The virtual assistant is now more glorified than ever, not just because business owners are realizing that this way the pool of talents they choose their employees from is significantly larger, but also because professionals have realized that they can choose who they want to work for by looking for the best chance to fully express their creativity and potential. In addition, remote working is considered to be a reason for improved performance and productivity of employees in many companies.

However, this opportunity to choose your employees from whichever part of the world you want comes at a price not all business owners are always able to pay.

How do you control this professional relationship, protect your brand and ultimately your money?

How do you establish a relationship that doesn’t waste your resources?

How do you rest assured that the job will be done?

Neither more nor less, but by partnering with a professional outsourcing company.

What is a virtual employee?

A virtual employee or assistant, is a professional who possesses the right set of skills that you need, both specific and linguistic, and can work for you regardless of where he/she is geographically located. The concept of the dedicated employee is based on virtual employees using the power of the Internet and all the online communication tools available to communicate with their employers anywhere in the world.  There is a difference between the two terms though: while all dedicated employees are virtual employees, not all virtual employees are dedicated.

If you hire a virtual employee to work for you full time, then this is a dedicated employee. This employee works as an extension to your own in-house team and therefore follows your working hours and is under your management. A professional who agrees to work with you remotely for a few hours a day, isn’t entirely dedicated to you, and this option is good for short-term projects, or tasks that aren’t time-sensitive.

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Who will benefit most from dedicated employees?

Project managers in any area can consider outsourcing to dedicated employees as a significant cost-effective business move. Managers whose departments are mainly back-office can also outsource to a dedicated team to lower the overall cost per employee, yet still get the expected level of quality on the job.

Entrepreneurs who want to focus entirely on presenting their business to the public and establish important business relationships, can have all computer-based work outsourced to a dedicated team with which he/she would communicate mainly for guidance and consultation.


How to find a dedicated employee?

Outsourcing work to the right virtual employees is a daunting task for many managers for two reasons: first, there’s the fear of outsourcing to someone you can’t be 100% sure will get the job done well, and second, the time needed to find the right people you need and choose one, is just too long. After all, there are so many freelancers out there.

And probably the most important reason is the management of virtual employees. You’re not in the same office space, nor in the same country every day, which makes managing a challenge.

That’s where outsourcing companies based in UK and the rest of the world, come in; they provide a business model that is cost-effective, time-saving, and perfectly organised to make management a piece of cake. The local offices where the dedicated teams are located, most often than not have a branch/country manager who makes sure everything is organized and regular, just like in your in-house offices.


There’s nothing complex in the process of finding a dedicated employee; once you establish a relationship with your chosen provider, and explain the kind of team you want to create, the provider takes care of the rest, so in a matter of a week tops, your team will be ready, settled in fully-equipped office and armed with all state-of-the-art technology to start succeeding for you.

And, since you can always outsource in Europe, you and your team will almost always be on a just 3 hours flight from each other.

Think your business isn’t suitable for outsourcing? We think differently.

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