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Why should you outsource your sales and marketing functions?

Outsourcing allows you to expand your teams to get more work done, while freeing significant resources like time and money to help you focus on your core business activity.

Whether you’re looking to expand your in-house team of sales reps and marketing specialists, or are just starting your business and need support with the sales and marketing activities, we got the business solution for you.



Outsourcing Marketing Services

An outsourced marketing department allows you to increase your digital marketing efforts by adding more people to your team at a significantly lower expense than hiring them in-house. Thanks to the connective power of the Internet, and our strategically chosen outsourcing location, your outsourced team of sales reps and digital marketers will be in constant communication with your in-house team, acting as nothing less than an extension to their efforts.


Digital marketing outsourcing 

Because there’s no more just ‘marketing’.

If you aren’t reaching your customers online, you’re not reaching them at all. Digital Marketing is more important than ever. A solid and well maintained digital presence can make your marketing easy and your sales easier.

Ultimately, don’t forget that over 60% of people would go to a search engine for information on products or services. Your business needs a team of digital marketers who will create that influx of relevant information to your target audience on daily basis in the shape and format that most suits your business needs.


Want to achieve higher ROI from your digital marketing campaigns?

With the proper support by experienced digital marketing specialists you can. From assistance in developing marketing strategies, to support for all things inbound/outbound marketing, you can assemble a team of:

  • SEO specialists – outsource seo for higher rankings of your business website in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo;
  • PPC specialists – have your paid advertising campaigns are constantly optimized and monitored;
  • Content writers – outsource content marketing to experienced content writers who can support your inbound marketing by producing content according to your business needs;
  • Social Media Management specialists – if you’re running a social media marketing for your business, you know how important it is to be consistent with the content you offer to your audience. Hire social media specialists to support your efforts on all social platforms;
  • Graphic designers –make sure your audience likes what they see on your website and other digital platforms where you are present.


For even better results from your marketing efforts,

outsource sales reps along with the marketing ones!

Call Center Outsourcing

Our experience so far has shown that businesses achieve more than they expect to when they outsource sales and marketing together.

Whether you want to reach your potential customers by cold calling or assemble a team for lead generation, outsourced sales teams is a quick and easy way to start with the process.

We can help you assemble:

  • Call centres – have all your inbound/outbound calls made from one centre. By outsourcing call centre lead generation can be done more effectively, as you decide how big will your team be, according to your needs. With us, you’ll gain access to multi-lingual and experienced call centre executives who can assist you in organising, running and measuring the results from your call centre activities.
  • Our hosted call centre solution allows you to quickly deploy from small to medium and large call centres.



How does it work?

Your dedicated team of digital marketers and sales professionals designs, creates and helps you strategise your marketing and sales efforts from our nearshore offices in Macedonia. You communicate with them through the Internet, using tools like web meeting, video conferencing, Skype and email. We deliver state of the art IP telephones which can be easily set up in your local office or your network. And since we’re located on less than 3 hours flight distance from UK, you can come and visit us anytime!

Define the job skills you need.

Screen the carefully chosen and verified CVs.

Personally interview your chosen candidates.

Wish a happy and successful career start to your new team member.

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