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Manage your HR and recruitment work with ease.

Fast, easy and cost-effective solution

to equip your HR and Recruitment department for success.

Outsource HR with confidence, ease and reliability

With EURO BPO, you’re not just handing over your HR work to a third-party provider. We provide you a bespoke outsourcing solution where you assemble your own team of experienced, degree-educated, highly-skilful, multilingual professionals according to your needs to entrust your work to.

Our HR outsourcing solution is designed so that you:

  • get a dedicated team consisting of degree-educated professionals that works as an extension to your in-house team and works in exactly the same way;
  • maintain full control over the HR process,
  • reduce your overall costs for your HR and Recruitment department.


The pressure in the early beginnings of a start-up is often high. We know that supporting business growth is hard and requires devotion. As your company grows, you can easily find yourself being occupied with tasks such as payroll, benefits administration and day-to-day HR tasks that are rarely related to your core business activity.

Outsource to a dedicated HR and Recruitment professional to free your time and resources and get support on your way to business success.

EURO BPO will make sure you choose a professional who will fit your requirements and respond to your business needs properly.


Whether you’re looking to expand your existing HR and Recruitment department, or you want to fully re-organize it, we can assist you to succeed in a fast and cost-effective way.

Instead of wasting valuable resources on handling it yourself or even in-house, you can get outsourced hr support. With us, you can outsource any or all HR tasks to multi-lingual, experienced professionals and assemble an HR support team according to your needs.


With our uniquely organized sourcing process, we’re able to source highly-qualified, skilful candidates with solid HR and Recruitment background experience in relatively fast time. Our fully-equipped and purpose-built centre is designed to assist the deployment of large departments as well as medium and small sized teams.

HR Outsourcing Services

You can outsource process-driven HR functions with EURO BPO such as:

Payroll outsourcing – payroll is time-consuming, prone to mistakes and most importantly, not a core business activity. For almost all businesses it’s a process-driven function that can be easily outsourced. With us, you can be assured that your payroll will be done according to your company rules, effectively and on-time, as your outsourced dedicated team will be fully under your management.

Outsourced Recruitment

If your business often means deployment of additional workforce to assist with high-volume recruitment projects, consider recruitment outsourcing.

You’d be cutting costs, skipping the repetitive explanation of project goals and objectives and most importantly, you’d rest assured your team will get the job done. EURO BPO can help you assemble your own team of dedicated recruiters who can take over the entire recruitment process or take care of a separate phase in the process:

How does it work?

Define the job skills you need.

Screen the carefully chosen and verified CVs.

Personally interview your chosen candidates.

Wish a happy and successful career start to your new team member.

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