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Happy International Women’s Day!

Powerful Women

Happy International Women’s Day!

Or is it?

powerful women

This glorious celebration day today started with my hot cup of coffee on my desk and usual day-starter routine: googling for latest events in the world.

I was expecting to see inspirational posts, maybe some long history lessons on women throughout the centuries and how their lives were – the usual stuff. But instead, I was served with stories from prestigious news sources reporting on women protests, campaigns against sexual harassment at work and on the streets, gender discrimination when it comes to salaries and promotions, and taking credits away from women when it comes to major breakthroughs in sciences.

In the 21st century, how is it possible that we’re still nurturing the idea that women can’t be strong and powerful to drive changes, progress and success just as equally as men?!

My frustration with this childish nonsense was wiped away with British Airways’ bold move that entirely flashed down the toilet every claim ever made in the history of humanity against women’s ability, power and strength. The company operated the first-ever women-only flight from Heathrow to Glasgow with a crew made entirely of 61 women air flight professionals: baggage handlers, cabin crew members, check-in personnel, flight managers, loaders and push back teams, security staff and even pilots! Among them were moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives and ambitious women who are determined to be great in their careers.

women in business

In an industry where only 3-4% of all industry professionals are women, this is a major success. It is a proof that women can do it as successfully as their male counterparts. I hope that women everywhere will always keep in mind that they too can be the carriers of success, great achievements and be leaders of change.

Unfortunately, this is an ambitious goal for now. British Airways may have done a revolutionary move, but we want to get to a point where this isn’t seen as a big deal. We need to make it clear to the world that we can, and we will, and it won’t be a big deal.

And it shouldn’t be hard from getting there; just by being aware of women’s power, we should all awake the sophisticated feminism in us: support fellow women, work alongside and educate other women, look for a friend in women we meet and strive to build connections that will eventually boost our growth and self-realisation.

So, let start with small steps to achieving a giant goal: share with us in the comments, do you work alongside amazing, inspiring women? Tag them below and tell them how they inspire you every day.

Lets’ make every day an International Women’s Day.