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Got any questions?

An evolving guide to help you understand more.

1. What is BPM?

BPM is the acronym for Business Process Management, which itself refers to the refinement and deployment of business processes to make them more efficient, streamlined, cost effective and less cumbersome to administer.

2. What is BPO?

BPO is the acronym for Business Process Outsourcing – having a process completed somewhere else. Since any business process incurs cost, using staff of the necessary skill set is more effective than using an ‘expert’ to perform an administrative task. Think of a lawyer spending an hour to type a letter: a secretary might type the letter in 15 minutes at a total employed cost of ₤5, so enabling the lawyer to get back to generating work they are trained to do – at ₤250 or more for each hour of billable work. The lawyer outsourced the business process and the firm realise a huge business gain. With outsourcing, the firm has the option to hire the secretarial staff internally (expensive) or to have a remote worker perform the task.

3. What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a term which refers to contracting out a business process to a location outside of one’s core business location. It may involve placing one’s own staff in a remote office, or using contracted labour charged by the number of staff deployed. One may outsource to the same country or to a foreign country.

4. What are Nearshoring and Offshoring?

While Outsourcing is the all-encompassing term, Nearshoring refers to using external services in ones own country or region. For example, a British company might ‘nearshore’ to Poland or Bulgaria. Offshoring, however, refers to long-haul locations such as India, South Africa, the Philippines and so forth.

5. What is Multisourcing?

Multisourcing is the practise of using in-house contract labour, nearshore or offshore. With Business Process Management it must be remembered that it’s the ‘process’ which counts. Larger clients will thus have different processes best handled in different locations. This may be dictated by labour rates, skill sets and the interaction required internally and with clients.

6. Isn't BPM and Outsourcing only for large corporations?

This is the most common misconception, but the reality is that BPM is especially valuable to small firms who have office based technical or administrative requirements: the cost of adding a permanent member of staff in the Europe is often prohibitive, a legal minefield and difficult to fund. With outsourcing, a small firm can have someone join almost any department without the financial or HR burden. Nor are there any recruitment agency or advertising fees!

7. Where are the EURO BPO staff?

Our management team is based in the United Kingdom. Our staff are in our centres in the capital of Macedonia – Skopje. This delivers many advantages since Macedonia is just an hour ahead of the UK. In short, our staff work to the same hours you do!

8. How do I find out more?

Every client of EURO BPO is unique, and we are happy to introduce you to all of the possibilities. You may call us, email us at and we will be pleased to send you some information, call you, visit you or schedule a web based meeting whenever is convenient. All of our initial consultancy is free. Call!