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What is DMA?

The DMA is a global certified body for education in the field of the digital marketing. Designed by professionals, DMA is accredited and associate brand which is deeply valued from everyone who has a knowledge from Digital Marketing. Our mission is to improve your career, to address the lack of digital skills in the businesses and to make sure that they will gain able and agile workforce. Our goal is to give professional certifications to the educators knowing that they will nurture the next generations. Ambitious and motivated, we are here for you.

What makes us different

1. Global renowned certification
2. Workshops
3. Employment opportunities

What will I learn?

In our palette we have modules for social media marketing, google ads, email marketing, digital marketing strategies! We offer employments possibilities, we connect you with prestigious companies from the UK market, we prepare you to present yourself on the employment market and direct you to successful career. You are not listening to just a course; you are working on your future career.