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Outsource CRM.

There’s a difference between a satisfied customer and a brand ambassador.

Whether you own or work in a large company, medium-sized or a start-up, we can help you establish and deploy the proper CRM system for your business.

There’s nothing more important for business success than happy and loyal customers. It’s your customers who you thrive to satisfy, to solve their problems and to provide them with your solutions who you know will work perfectly for them.

But, if you can’t handle the millions of different characters and attitudes out there in a professional and understandable manner, you will never get your product/service on the market. Because customers build businesses, but they also can tear them down – especially in an era when customer service is an absolute must over all platforms: digital and traditional.

Location, location

We source from a pool of talents who are highly proficient in verbal and written English, as well as other languages. Your dedicated centre is located on only 3 hours flight from London.

Decreased customer complaints

Eliminate the possibility of your business suffering because of high volume of customer complaints. When your employees speak understandably, fluently and correctly, anyone would be happy to elaborate their requests.

Multilingual Customer Support

Regardless where your customers are; we source from a pool of talents covering all major European languages.

Fully – equipped center

Our outsourcing center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and designed for fast deployment of small to large CRM teams – depending on your needs.

What kind of CRM system are you looking for?

Customer Support Centres

Outsource customer support to a dedicated team of unilingual or multilingual customer support representatives. Respond to your customers’ needs 24/7.

Help desk for Managed Services Providers

Offering a managed service? Outsource help desk to a dedicated team of professionals to cater to your customers’ needs and issues and in the same time focus your in-house competence to core matters.

NOC Outsourcing

In need for 24/7, fully equipped and experienced team of Network Support Engineers to rely on? We got you covered. Outsource noc with EURO BPO and assemble a team of engineers to monitor your networks, react in timely manner to prevent major problems from occurring and to support you in offering your customers a second to none service.

How does it work?

Define the job skills you need.

Screen the carefully chosen and verified CVs.

Personally interview your chosen candidates.

Wish a happy and successful career start to your new team member.

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