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Outsource CRM. Close more deals and have more happy customers.

As an SME owner, or an operations manager in a large corporation, you understand the importance of having all your customers’ complaints resolved and your customers properly taken care of.

  • Powerful brand Image
  • High industry authority
  • Faster business growth

are just a few results from having happy and satisfied customers.


Why outsource crm?

In today’s world, where businesses (especially SMEs) are pressurized to do more with less to gain the cutting edge they need for growth, customer care outsourcing is a possibility to successfully leverage your finances to get more done in a cost-efficient way.

 According to recent studies, call centre service and customer-retention programs are expected to become the single largest revenue area of spending in companies because of the customer-centric nature of most business efforts.

So, if it’s your goal to position your business as a market leader and a name people will easily recognize, you should plan and invest in a solid CRM structure.


Our solution


Location, location, location!

Unlike other outsourcing providers, EURO BPO provides you with the opportunity to assemble your own team for inbound call centre services, to hire cold callers, create a customer-retention program or to get outsourced help desk services on a location which is less than 3 hours away from London.


Effective Management

This unique outsourcing offer allows you to practice effective management over your remote dedicated team during your work hours and to follow their work results along with your in-house staff.

 A dedicated team works towards achieving long term goals for your business such as:

Nurture brand loyalty – make sure your customers are informed on time about your new products or services and they book their share before anyone else. Show them you care;

Build customer relationships – know your customers well enough to devote the attention they need to become brand ambassadors;

Revenue growth – satisfied customers always come back. And to have your customers satisfied, offer them a second-to-none customer service.


Diverse skill sets

With us, you get access to the most comprehensive multi-lingual services available in the marketplace in the two most important aspects of CRM:


Outsourced help desk for msp – with our solution, instead of focusing on meeting your customers’ needs every hour of the day, you can get a dedicated support team who will be available to your customers 24/7.

  • NOC outsourcing – assemble your team of NOC specialists for 24/7 noc monitoring. Our experience so far has shown that companies that outsource noc have a higher number of satisfied customers and are able to focus on growing their IT companies faster. Our solution provides you an opportunity to assemble your ideal NOC team who will attend to your customers’ needs 24/7 through email, chat, phone.


Sales call centre outsourcing – for high-volume call handling, we can assist you in assembling your call centre. By outsourcing call centre, you can meet your goals regarding cold calling or other forms of outbound marketing and sales without needing to dedicate a huge part of your annual marketing budget.

How does it work?

Define the job skills you need.

Screen the carefully chosen and verified CVs.

Personally interview your chosen candidates.

Wish a happy and successful career start to your new team member.

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