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5 Smart Reasons to Outsource Digital Marketing


In a constantly changing digital marketing, what’s the one constant that never changes by its importance? What’s that one thing that all marketers digital and traditional always strive to determine, catch and ultimately convert? That’s right, leads.

Digitalisation made many significant changes in the marketing world, and the most important one is that you’re no longer marketing to just a small, pre-defined and known audience; you’re marketing to a much larger, much more diverse and far more demanding audience – which is great!

More leads, more brand awareness, more sales. Right?

Well… I wish it was that easy.

Along with the fact that businesses now have the chance to market to an unprecedently large audience, came a rough competition and a need for paying attention to every detail of your customers’ online behavior.

People search for your products and services, and if you’re not showing them that you have the solution for their problem, your efforts are worthless. And that means hours of analysis, constant research, expert knowledge of the various sophisticated tools and landscapes for digital advertising and creativity. Lots of creativity.

So, how do you enter in this exciting world and moreover, be successful in it?

One of the most common and useful ways to stay consistent in an intensely competitive and ever-changing digital marketing landscape: digital marketing outsourcing.

In this post, we draw from our experience with customers and share 7 smart reasons to outsource digital marketing – smart practice for smart entrepreneurs.



1. You need a digital marketing team

One of the most common reasons why Marketing Directors face so many bumps on the road is because they often can’t rely on consistency within their own team. People leave and that creates a disruption in the entire design and optimization of a marketing campaign. When you outsource digital marketing, that problem is solved from the very beginning; providers make sure their professionals are here to stay long-term. And if you outsource to an agency, it’s the result that drives them; so, either way results will be achieved.

However, a team is a must, as the digital landscape is vast and diverse, so the more brains included, the better the results.


2. Get fresh, creative perspective on things

You’d be surprised just how much there is to digital marketing. Everyone who specialises in the area, has something new to teach you, something new to add to your current campaign optimisation technique. Outsourcing to a dedicated professional or team, means tons of fresh perspectives which often are the beginning to a highly productive ideation process! Of course, that largely depends on your providers’ skills to source a professional who can contribute largely to your efforts.


3. Hire specialists, not generalists

When you outsource digital marketing, you outsource to specialists in a certain area of expertise: PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM. Your in-house team maybe made of generalists; marketers who wear a lot of hats at once but wear them shortly. Outsourcing to specialists allows you to create a team of people with skillsets that can cater exactly to what you want to achieve in the best way possible.

4. Or, take the blended approach

Maybe you already have a small team of digital experts in your house. But why not make it easy for them, and outsource some of the work to dedicated professionals? For example, outsourcing content marketing can easily be done in order to increase team productivity and achieve more results in the demanding content world.


5. It’s the 21st century – run your business cost-effectively

Do you know that there are entire companies running on outsourcing? The simple need for cost-effectiveness, especially for start-ups in the initial stages of development and growth, widely opened the door for outsourcing in the business world. If you run a start-up, you know it best; you want all your resources to be directed properly and effectively so your business can grow. You need all the support you can get in the form of qualified and experienced professionals who would lower your work load and support you on your way to success.


Bottom line is, digital marketing outsourcing is becoming a kind of secret weapon to entrepreneurs in the marketing area, operational managers in large companies as well as digital agencies who’re realising the benefits of outsourcing digital roles: cost-effective team growth, more results, consistency and best of all, business success.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your digital marketing work, give us a call; we’d love to chat and share some amazing experiences we’ve had in this domain.